The Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

By Michael Ehline – Common causes of bicycle accidents are not different from other vehicle accidents in some respects, but in others they are far different. The bicycle rider does not have the same protection as the driver of a vehicle, there are no airbags, there is no seatbelt and there also is no metal cage that protects the rider. The bicycle rider is on two wheels instead of four, which makes it easier to be involved in an accident due to debris on the road, like excess gravel or uneven pavement. These things would not affect the driver of a motor vehicle, but can be a cause for severe injuries for the bicycle rider in Pomona.

50% Of Deaths On Bikes Are Fatalities

Common causes of bicycle accidents begin with motor vehicle driver, according to statistics at least 50% of all bicycle fatalities, are due to collisions with motor vehicles. Bicycle accidents that result in injuries are also high in statistics, when it involves a motor vehicle. In bicycle and motor vehicle collisions the drivers often claim they did not see the rider or many of these accidents occur when the drivers making a turn at an intersection and the bicycle rider is in their blind spot. Next on the list of common causes of bicycle accidents is road debris, this can be in the form of excess gravel on the road, which should have been cleaned up by the agency that does road maintenance. The two narrow wheels of the bicycle often causes the rider to slide or slip in gravel causing the rider to fall off of the bicycle, since there is little control. Uneven payment is also another common cause of bicycle accident, and again the road agency that maintains the roadways in Pomona are supposed to pave properly, which means the road should be smooth. When the roads are uneven, it can cause the bicycle rider to lose control and crash.

The common causes of bicycle accidents can cause the rider to be severely injured and these injuries can include things like a head trauma, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, like a broken pelvis, internal injuries, cuts, scratches, gashes and bruises. The common causes of bicycle accidents in Pomona are because of another driver, road debris or uneven pavement and the injured rider is entitled to compensation. The best way to ensure fair compensation is with the representation of the bicycle accident attorney that will protect the injured bicyclist rights.

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The Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

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